The study “INTEGRATED VALORISATION OF THE ANAEROBIC DIGESTION EFFLUENT-THE CASE OF THE DAIRY INDUSTRY” authored by Karanasiou A., Tsaridou C., Plakas K.V. and Karabelas A.J. from NRRE/CPERI/CERTH, was orally presented at the 13th Panhellenic Scientific Conference on Chemical Engineering that took place between 2nd and 4th of June 2022 in Patras. The presentation, part of the session #29 “Treatment and valorization of waste II” that was held on Saturday 04/06/2022, displayed the results and conclusions of the research conducted in the context of the project ANATHREPSI, which is close to its completion.

PESXM, organized every two years, is the leading event in the field of Chemical Engineering in Greece.