“On Thursday, July 19, 2018, the kick-offl meeting of the ANATHREPSI project was held at the TEDRA Group Conference Hall (23, Papanastasiou Avenue, Larissa). The meeting was attended by:

Pantelis Glios, TEDRA (Project Coordinator)
Ioannis Tolios, TEDRA
Nikolaos Patsikas, TEDRA
Athanasios Kyritzopoulos, TEDRA
Professor Anastasios Karampelas, NRRE/CPERI/CERTH (Scientific Coordinator)
Dr. Konstantinos Plakas, NRRE/CPERI/CERTH
Dr. Sotirios Patsios, NRRE/CPERI/CERTH
Anthoula Karanassiou, NRRE/CPERI/CERTH
Athanasios Bizias, BIZIOS SA
Giannis Gatziouras, BIZIOS SA

The meeting’s agenda  was as follows:
1. ANATHREPSI Project – Summary of Technical Object and Objectives
2. Work Plan – Project Execution Schedule – Deliverables
3. Description of Work Packages
4. TEDRA Activities within the framework of the Project
5. EFME activities within the framework of the Project
6. BIZIOS activities within the framework of the Project
7. Organization and Partner Communication
8. Pre-financing – Implementation of Project Financial Objective
9. Conclusions – Actions, Priorities

After acquainting the members of the project team and the brief presentation of the bodies they represent, the agenda was accepted and the following objectives were set:
– Understanding the project at a technical level
– Defining the role of each partner
– Immediate actions to be taken by each partner
– Procedure for implementing actions
– Partner communication