The work entitled “AMMONIA RECOVERY FROM ANAEROBIC DIGESTATE BY MEMBRANE DISTILLATION”, authored by Angistali K., Karanasiou A., Patsios S., Plakas K., Zaspalis V., Karabelas A.J. was orally presented in the 7th Environmental Conference of Macedonia ( In this work the results of the experimental work carried out at NRRE/CPERI/CERTH in the context of ANATHREPSI project was presented.

Despite being held online, the 7th Environmental Conference of Macedonia was a great success.

The Environmental Conference of Macedonia is organized every 3 years in Thessaloniki. It is a step for scientists dealing with the control, management and environmental technologies as well as environmental education issues. It aims at the comprehensive presentation of environmental issues in Greece, the exchange of scientific views, the valid information of the citizens, the formulation of proposals for the protection and improvement of the environment and the strengthening of environmental education and awareness.