The National Centre for Research and Technology organized the evening of Friday 27.9.2019 the Researcher’s Night at the Thessaloniki Concert Hall (building M2), which attracted thousands of visitors of all ages. The event was also attended by the Laboratory of Natural Resources and Renewable Energies Utilization (NRRE) with exhibits that presented in an interactive and comprehensible way the activities of the laboratory, which refer to innovative methods:

  1. Water decontamination and desalination
  2. Integrated use of byproducts and waste from agricultural processing industries for the recovery of marketable ingredients and/or the production of alternative fuels (biogas, bioethanol).

The visitors had the opportunity to discuss with the lab partners and learn about the benefits and the innovation of the ANATHREPSI project while also sharing encouraging comments on the project’s objectives.

Further information about the NRRE exhibit can be found at the following link:

Note: Researcher’s Night is a Pan-European action, which takes place in hundreds of European cities on the last Friday of September and aims to bring researchers closer to society and to encourage more young people to follow the profession of the researcher. This year this institution completes 14 years of successful operation. The National Centre for Research and Technology supported by the European Union was also the coordinator this year.